Information about Services

Archiving: If your an i Flip Customer all digital project materials will be triple archived for your file data protection.

Artwork & Illustrations: Depending on the project we have made and artwork and illustrations for projects. We do not hold any rights to any characters or artwork created for any project as long as the project has a full paid balance.

Cartoon Characters: Depending on the project we have created and sold cartoon character for projects. We do not hold any rights to any characters or artwork created for any project as long as the project has a full paid balance.

Custom Sizing: We are only restricted by your publication house. The size of the book and pages can be as large or as small as you would like. Please talk to your publication house or printer before making a decision on you book size. Some sizes are considered custom and will cost you more money to produce.

Design and Layout: I Flip Digital can take your rough draft and make it a printable publication. Using your guidelines or giving us the creative control, you can be assured we will do a high quality professional job.

File Production: Creating file for publication printers or digital producing files for on line viewing, we can produce the perfect files.

Page Flipping: When your project is complete your PDF files can be converted into a page flipping .HTML file so it can be viewed on line or off of a CD.

Paper to Digital: We can scan your paper pages and photos to PDF files.

Photo Enhancement: Old photos, new photos, damaged photos, and wrinkled photos, we can repair and enhance them to make you book project look professional.

Photography: We will take and or find photos for your project if needed. A photographer is on retainer though they request that you sign a contract for them as well as for us.

Prepress: Our recored for producing high end PDF file for printing is second to none. The work we do on your project will be customized to whatever publication printer you decide to go to.

Publication Solutions: Wherever your project is in the book making process we can get it finished for you. We will help you decide the best way to put your project in production.

Scanning: If you need us to digitize your photos, artwork, and or pages, we can scan them with our flatbed scanner.

Type Setting: Type setting is done on an hourly rate and depending on the size of the project may take some time to be repaired. Remember, you are the Editor and creator of your book and you are responsible for reading and editing any and all pages before any production is done.

NOTE: Remember the more you have done on a project the less it will cost you in the end. We receive projects from all stages of production. We can help you finish the project others can not.

Our goal is to help you become a published author. I believe the world needs to share all it's knowledge so everyone can learn and grow from others dreams and experiences. Doc